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One of the greatest scenes in Reality TV history.

Venting My Frustration With TEEN WOLF Season 4.

I’ll try to keep this short & cute… Or not….

First of all Malia… Which character is she replacing? Because I’d honestly just LOVE to have the twins back instead. She’s basic & so far hasn’t shown me anything I’m interested in… She also seems to be just a sexual interest for Stiles who tbh is so obviously not straight it’s ridiculous.

Secondly, WHERE THE HELL IS DANNY??? How can you have a predominant gay character like Danny throughout Season 3 & then literally kill them off after the season finished without even giving us an explanation to where he is???? (Also I’m not enjoying the cliché MILES or whatever his name is new gay character, basically repeating Danny from Season 2… BOREEEEEE)

Thirdly, this Season’s plot is literally about killing off characters & I will be PISSED if any of the originals get killed off during this season. I’m struggling to get over the Twins leaving & Allison & Isaac… That introducing all these characters & getting rid of an original again will just literally piss me off. I can deal with Liam, he looks cute & I can see potential… But new gay characters that are recycling Danny is just so pointless & bad writing. I like this season but it’s really frustrating & I hope it gets better.

posted 3 days ago